• Edmonton Family Photographers - Box Cube Photography - Family Photos with dogs
  • Edmonton Family Photographers - Box Cube Photography - Family Photos with dogs
  • Edmonton Family Photographers - Box Cube Photography - Family Photos with dogs
  • Edmonton Family Photographers - Box Cube Photography - Family Photos with dogs

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Nice to meet you here on my website! Please have a look around and enjoy the candid and emotional portraits. My focus is to create portraits that become heirlooms that you pass down from one generation to another. They will remind you of your child when he/she was 5 years old; what their half-toothed smile looked like; what it felt like to tickle them and hold them in your arms and finally give you a little window into your children’s earliest days with you.

I would love to capture the love and connection of your family and children in the form of timeless printed portraits for you.

Sharyar Memon



Calgary Family Photographers

Your life is unscripted. Your family portraits should be too! I am an Calgary Family Photographer, specializing in capturing creative portraits that capture the mood of your family. My goal is to create amazing and seamless experiences for Calgary Families through my studio, Box Cube Portraits.

I love to take both posed and un-posed portraits that capture your family’s life and bring the character of your family makeup into a picture format. Sessions are relaxed and stress-free, so you’ll never have to worry about holding your kids in an awkward position for hours, only to be told, “One more time!”

Family Portraits That Speak

We capture those moments that are unique to your family but are over before you know it. Things like how your baby lights up when she sees you, and coos through your special and unique routine, or how your son turns the laundry basket into his play fort and rockets across the hallway in it, laundry flying.

These moments are so precious, and yet all too soon kids grow up and move on to the next stage, and the family is not the same as it was. When that happens, photos from the days when pancakes were still “Pakes” and kisses were sticky will be with you always.

Beautiful photos through a simple process

We believe in empowering you to have an active role in deciding on your photographs. The process starts with a pre-consult, where you and I can sit down and discuss what you hope to achieve with your photos. You’ll get a chance to discuss what you want to reflect in the mood of your photos. I can give suggestions to reflect that goal, and you will have a chance to make sure you are comfortable with it before starting the session.

After the session is over, we’ll touch up your photos and make them perfect for you. When they are ready, you’ll get to look at your photos on a projector before receiving your beautifully finished photos in the form of completed prints and piece of wall art!

Pictures that stand the test of time

Our goal is to capture pictures you will love and cherish forever. We hope that these photos of your life will be passed down from generation to generation, and become a fond family keepsake. Because of this, we pay attention to every detail, from the lighting to the background, so that your photos are both iconic and pleasing to view. The end result is a photo that captures your life at that moment in perfect, timeless, clarity.

Pet friendly

Dogs are some of our favorite friends, but we are happy to include all of your loved ones in your photo. Even your son’s pet turtle! They are as much a part of your family as everyone else, and including them is something we are proud to do.

Family Photography Pricing

Prices begin at $250 with the option to add on photos as necessary. Many people choose to spend about $650 on their package, which includes both the session and a selection of printed products.


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