Sharyar Memon

Why am I the photographer for your family?

I am the owner of Box Cube, a thriving portrait and wedding photography studio located in the bustling city of Edmonton. I love nothing more than capturing the perfect photograph, whether that is a dynamic free shot that captures your personality, or a planned pose that will become a family heirloom.

I got my start as a Microbiology student at the University of Alberta. Near the tail end of my degree I found out, research did not look like Dexter’s Laboratory, and began frantically looking for something more exciting to occupy the rest of my life.

Through sheer accident, I discovered my love of photography when a friend let me borrow their camera. That moment was pivotal in converting me from a bored researcher-in-training to a photographer capturing beautiful moments left and right.

I am a big kid at heart and love nothing more than playing with your dog, arguing with your kid over which computer game is better (Minecraft totally wins) and taking photos of families who have the same light-hearted spirit that I do.

What I do:

I take pictures that capture the true nature of your family. My goal is to give you a photo that will remain something your family will treasure for generations. I come to your location and shoot beautiful and engaging photos that reflect you in your best possible light.

I consider your pets family too and particularly love capturing the bountiful joy that is dog-kind. The special moments we enjoy through life don’t last for very long. You’ll only get one shot at baby portraits, at those first puppy photos, and your wedding day. Moments like these can be captured forever with the power of a camera, and it is my hope that you will be able to remember every sweet detail by looking back on these most beautiful moments.

What I believe:

I believe in empowering you to get the photos you truly want. Every photography session comes with a pre-consult that will give you the chance to provide a helping hand in choosing what you are looking to capture. I enjoy working with families one on one and helping them make their moments special.


  • Had a great afternoon today with Sharyar, I can't wait to see the pictures. What we did see already looks amazing. He was so patient with us and got our vision on camera considering my fiancĂ© isn't great with pictures and I never like how I look lol!

    Catherine Daphene Peters
    Catherine Daphene Peters